Communication Infrastructure at GUtech (Internet)

Internet & WiFi access, VPN at GUtech Campus and accommodations

As a member of the GUtech you have different possibilities to connect to the IT network for internet access. Internet at GUtech has high speed fiber links from Nawras, who is the designated ISP for GUtech.


Users can connect to “GUtech” SSID and based on their affiliation the access roles will be defined automatically.

Authorized users are eligible to get a VPN connection to GUtech on request.

Visit IT helpdesk for installation and configuration setups.


(Applicable only if you have a VPN account with Aachen)

Eduroam WLAN access can be used worldwide at all research facilities which are connected to eduroam. VPN is not needed in this network. Eduroam is not administered by GUtech. Users should contact Aachen service desk for support.

General settings of Eduroam:

SSID: eduroam at infrastructure mode
Authentication: WPA2 (alternative: WPA*)
802.1x: activated
Encryption: AES
Authentication type: TTLS (alternative: PEAP**)
Authentication protocol: PAP (alternative: MsCHAPv2**)
User name: WLAN/VPN account according to TIM
(alternative: Domain can remain empty and enter the user name with the following format:
Roaming identity:
Server certificate: validate
The following 3 certificates must be installed: Telekom Toplevel Certificate, DFN-Global Certificate and the RWTH Certificate.(A connection without validation is possible, but not recommend)
Root certificate: coded connection to the mail server
You need to install the DFN certificate and the RWTH certificate.Installapplication: rootcertificates

RWTH Aachen VPN connection help:

A staff member can apply for VPN to RWTH Aachen for accessing E library or similar sources based on the current affiliation. To apply, you can print the duly filled form and submit to HoD of ITS.

Form available at :

Help file to connect VPN :