ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning)

ERP system for GUtech comprises of three main applications and a portal

a) Student information System : SunGaurd Power Campus
b) HR System (Payroll & personnel mgmt) : MenaPay
c) Finance & Accounts : MSGP

GUtech’s Enterprise resource planning (ERP) System

GUtech has implemented an ERP system which provides a quality oriented business system, which comprises of ERP software, information technology infrastructure, and the integration of related business units.

At GUtech, the related business units are Dept. of RSA, HR and Finance.

The information below describes the software implemented for different business units:

(a) Student Information system is done on Power Campus application

( by SunGard Higher Education) and is managed by RSA department.

This software includes student administration and academic information.

The various modules are:

  1. Admissions/Registration
  2. Academic Records
  3. Students grade and transcripts
  4. Billing and sponsoring
  5. Alumni

(b) Human recourse system is done on MenaPay application

( by MenaiTech Co,) and is managed by HR department.

This is a web based payroll application which support multi-language, multi-currency and multi-branch.

The various modules are:

  1. Comprehensive employee personal file
  2. Leave & vacation management
  3. Employee financial data
  4. Health insurance
  5. Additional salaries
  6. Built-in report generator

(c) Finance system is done on Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Application

( by Microsoft,) and is managed by Finance department.

This is a comprehensive ERP application by itself. It works as a client application for various users coupled with a business portal for designated users.

The various modules are:

  1. Financial management
  2. Business intelligence and reporting
  3. Budgeting
  4. Project Accounting
  5. Collaborative workspace
  6. Inventory control ,asset management, purchase module

ERP Portals

Please click here to check out the various ERP Portals and their functionalities.
  1. Power Campus Portal & Power Campus Self Service
  2. GP Business Portal
  3. Mena-Me portal (planned in 2012-13)
  4. Power Campus


The Power CAMPUS Portal, based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies, provides constituents across the campus with personalized, role-based, single sign-on access to campus information and services. Functionality we can deliver better service faster, without expending resources on custom design and development.

Portal helps us to:

  1. Make institutional resources easier to access
  2. Create personalized content and messages
  3. Improve collaboration and communication
  4. Maintain a sophisticated web presence using standards-based technologies

Power Campus Self Service

Self-service is a website that allows student and staff (academic) to access information and perform routine tasks such as attendance, grade, transcripts etc.

Self Service helps:

Students to

Staff to

  1. mark attendance
  2. create course homepage
  3. enter Grade for each course
  4. view class list and transcript details
  1. view Grade report
  2. invite parent/sponsors to view grade
  3. register for new course
  4. do online application (to be implemented for prospective students)

1. Mena-Me Portal

GUtech Staff uses Mena-me self-service portal for HR functions.


2. IT Helpdesk Portal

To request for IT support, logon to

3. Q-Wiki Portal

Quality wiki is a content management system, which benefits all the members/departments to share policies, procedures, plans, guidelines etc. Each department has a separate space (called ‘web’ in Qwiki) in which the list of people, operational plans of department etc. are found.

4. Moodle E-Learning platform

Login at :

5. FTP Server access

Follow steps below to configure GUtech FTP server access.

Step 1:

Open Internet Explorer --> Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced


Select “Browsing”

Checked the option “Enable FTP view (outside of internet explorer)”

Uncheck the option “Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility)”


Open Windows Explorer and then type


Enter user name and password for accessing the FTP Server


FTP has two folders one is “Staffs” folder and the other is “Students” folder


Staff have full permission in Staff and Students folders.

Students have read and write permission only in Students folder.

TRC Server

6: TRC Portal access (This is research council portal, accessible for stakeholders)

Login at :

Provide your GUtech domain user name and password